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By Ivan Pepelnjak

Starting with IOS release 12.3(2)T, you can download and upload software and configuration of your Cisco router to a web server, greatly simplifying router management and enabling the network managers to use the same infrastructure as the rest of their IT department.

The communication with an external web server is facilitated with two new Integrated File Server (IFS) methods: http and https. You can use either method in copy operations. The download from the web server uses the traditional HTTP GET method and can be easily implemented on any web server. When copying a file to a destination using the http method, the Cisco IOS uses HTTP PUT method, which is not readily availably in common web servers (including IIS and Apache).

The “Using a Web Server to Manage Your Router Configurations” IP Corner article describes the details of the Cisco IOS HTTP client implementation and the changes that have to be made to the IIS and Apache configurations to support the PUT method.

Read the IP Corner article ...

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