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Copies terminal session input to the specified file. You can use this script to copy text files to a router with no connectivity to an external file server.



Download the source file into flash:storeFile.tcl. Configure alias exec store tclsh flash:storeFile.tcl . Invoke with store filename .

To repeatedly change a single file, include the file name in the alias, for example configure alias exec sf tclsh flash:storeFile.tcl flash:myfile.tcl force.

If your router has no external connectivity, use this method to copy the tcl script into flash.

Usage guidelines

Usage: store filename [force]

Command line parameters:

  • filename: the name of the file to create. You can create files in flash, NVRAM or any other local file system;
  • force: overwrite existing file.


Ivan Pepelnjak, © 2008 NIL Data Communications

Source code

# Copyright (c) 2008 NIL Data Communications
# All rights reserved.
# by:       Ivan Pepelnjak, NIL Data Communications
# title:    Copies file from STDIN to flash
# name:     storeFile.tcl
# desc:     The script copies text content from STDIN to specified file
# params:   fileName - name of the file to be written
#           force    - optional, force the overwrite
# ios config:
#           * download the file into flash:storeFile.tcl
#           * configure alias exec store tclsh flash:storeFile.tcl
#           * optionally configure alias for a single file
#             configure alias exec sf tclsh flash:storeFile.tcl flash:myfile.tcl force
#           invoke with store fileName [force]
set fileName [lindex $argv 0]
set force    [string equal [lindex $argv 1] "force"]
if { [file exists $fileName] == 1 && $force == 0 } {
  puts -nonewline "File $fileName exists, overwrite? "; flush stdout
  if { ! [string equal [string tolower [string index [gets stdin] 0]] "y"] } {
    puts "Aborted"; return
fconfigure stdin -blocking 1 -buffering full
puts "Enter content for $fileName, finish with ctrl/C"
set content [read stdin]
set channel [open "$fileName" w+]
puts $channel $content
close $channel
puts "File $fileName successfully written"
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