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A set of XSLT files and a Word 2003 template help you transform Word documents into Wiki markup.


Download the gzipped archive and extract it into your Microsoft Word templates directory.

You might also want to check the version published on SourceForge

Usage guidelines

Although the Word-to-MediaWiki markup converter survives almost all Word templates, it's best that you create your documents with the Wiki template that's part of this package.

After you've finished the document, save it and:

  • If you're using Wiki template, click Ctrl-Alt-S. The Word macro will convert the Word document into MediaWiki markup and copy the resulting text to the clipboard. Paste the clipboard contents into the browser window's text box.
Ctrl-Alt-B will save the Word document as simple HTML markup suitable for various blogging services
  • If you're using any other Word template:
    • Select File/Save-As;
    • Enter the desired file name in the File name input box;
    • Select XML as the output format;
    • Check the Apply transform checkbox;
    • Click the Transform button and select the CreateWikiMarkup XSL stylesheet;
    • Click Save;
    • Open the newly-created file with Notepad (or any other text editor) and copy-paste its contents into MediaWiki page.


Ivan Pepelnjak, © 2008 NIL Data Communications

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