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Configuration maker is a PERL script that creates initial router configurations from Dynagen network files and configuration templates (people with the right marketing streak might call them configlets) stored in an initialization file.



  • Supports ROUTER, LAN and FRSW dynagen objects;
  • Template-driven router configuration generation with PERL-like variable interpolation including:
    • router-wide configuration
    • router-to-router Ethernet link configuration
    • multi-access (LAN) configuration
    • router-to-router serial link (PPP) configuration
    • Frame-relay interface configuration
    • Frame-relay DLCI configuration
    • host (NIO) interface configuration
  • Automatic assignment of IP addresses from predefined pools to loopback, LAN and WAN interfaces
  • Manual override of IP address assignment with extra keywords in the dynagen file
  • Automatic per-subnet IP address calculation when only some devices in the IP subnet have manually-assigned IP addresses

Major omissions

  • IP addresses (dynamic or static) are not assigned to Frame Relay subinterfaces. The only means of assigning IP address to a Frame Relay subinterface in the initial configuration is to use ip unnumbered command.
  • Ethernet switch (ETHSW) is not supported.

More information


  • PERL 5.8 or later. It's included in most Unix/Linux distributions, on Windows platforms use the ActiveState ActivePerl.
  • PERL modules Config::INI::Simple, Math::BigInt and Net::IP. Download them from CPAN.


Usage guidelines

Usage: [-d] [-x] [-o outputDirectory] [-t templateFile] networkFile

Command line parameters:

  • -o: output directory. If the parameter is not present, the router configuration files will be generated in the current directory;
  • -t: overrides the default template file specified in the configMaker.ini. The template file's path is relative to the configMaker's directory;
  • -d: enables debugging printouts
  • -o: dumps parsed Dynagen file instead of creating router configurations. Used primarily for testing purposes.

Version history

  • Release 0.2.1 (April 12th 2008)
    • Recognize case-insensitive keywords ROUTER, FRSW and LAN
    • Recognize device names with hyphens and underscores
  • Release 0.2 (April 3rd 2008): added the support for IP address assignments
  • Release 0.1 (January 2008): initial version


© Ivan Pepelnjak, 2008

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