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Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing (CUWL) is a program for procurement of Cisco Unified Communications applications and services. It includes licensing, service and support, and software subscription, for multiple applications and does not include any hardware. This form of licensing is easier and more cost-effective.

There is one restriction for obtaining CUWL however and that is a minimum of 100 user licenses (a user can have multiple phones, so that does not equal 100 phones). CUWL comes in two versions, Standard and Professional.

The Standard Edition includes licenses for the following applications: any model of Cisco IP phone, a Cisco Unity or Cisco Unity Connection voice mailbox, a Cisco Unified Presence server, a Cisco Unified Mobility application, and a Unified Communications client.

The Professional Edition adds support for an unlimited number of Cisco IP phones per user, one Cisco Unity unified messaging mailbox per user, one Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator per user, and Cisco Unified MeetingPlace or Unified MeetingPlace Express audio, video, and Web conferencing.

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