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Assume we want to change the origin of the aggregate route generated with the as-set option from unknown ("?" in the BGP table listing) to IGP. To do, this we'll need to specify an attribute map and reference it from the aggregate-address command:

R3(config)# route-map SetAttributes
R3(config-route-map)# set origin igp

R3(config)# router bgp 30
R3(config-router)# aggregate-address as-set suppress-map
 MySuppressMap attribute-map SetAttributes

After applying the attribute map, we can see that the aggregate route is now advertised with an origin of IGP ("i"):

R4# show ip bgp

   Network          Next Hop            Metric LocPrf Weight Path
*>                 0             0 30 {10,20} i
*>                               0 30 20 ?
*>                               0 30 20 ?
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